Jetson Nano Fever Control application against COVID19

This is my modest contribution to the war against the COVID19: I realized a Fever Control application on Jetson Nano integrating the FLIR Lepton3 thermal sensor.
The project is mainly a tutorial about using the SPI and I2C ports of the Nano at the same time, changing the buffer size of the Nano to match the requirements of the FLIR sensor.
Thermal images retrieved from the FLIR sensor are analyzed searching for temperatures in the Human Body range and triggering warnings and alerts when the values are too high.

Blog post:



The project has been updated with a fully new GUI based on Qt5.
The FLIR data has been fused with RGB and 3D data from a Stereolabs ZED2.
I took advantage of the Skeleton Tracking module of the ZED SDK to extract the bounding box of the face of the persons so I can extract the temperature and the distance for each of them.
The nearest person is monitored and an alarm is issued if the temperature overcomes the fever threshold of 37.5°C.

The new application is available on Github

It is possible to manually increase the measured persons temperature to test if the GUI correctly detects alert situations.


Today I published a post on my blog with a full description of the “Jetson Fever Control” application.
You can read it here:

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