Temperature is extremely high running Yolo on GPU

Hello experts,

I am trying to run YOLO V4 on Jetson Nano using OpenCV, Couldn’t run the regular yolo V4 probably due to memory, but the tiny yolo V4 runs fine. Performance is acceptable for my intended application. The issue that I am facing is with temperature, Following are the concerns:

  1. throttled for max current
  2. warning that the surface is hot, do not touch.
  3. the AO temperature reported is 105C
  4. all other sensors temperature is very close to 100C

Now, my question is, is it safe to run dnn on Nano then? What is the temperature spec for Nano? What is the max operating temperature?

Please refer to thermal design guide in DLC for detail temperature limits/control. https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/dlc/jetson-nano-thermal-design-guide-1.3