[Jetson Nano] Gst-nvdewarper config file in Deepstream4.0 SDK


we are very interested in using the Gst-nvdewarper plugin, but in the plugins documentation you refer to a config file that does not exists in the configs/ folder :

“These dewarped surfaces are scaled to the output resolution (output-width × outputheight) set in the configuration file located at configs/deepstreamapp/config_dewarper.txt.”

Also, is there any calibration to do for dewarping ?

Really keen to learn more about the dewarping plugin, any additional resource would be welcome !


Do you use Jetson platforms or Tesla P4?

I’m using the Jetson Nano, with latest Jepack and deepstream4.0

Please check deepstream_sdk_on_jetson\sources\apps\sample_apps\deepstream-dewarper-test. The config file is put in the directory.

Thank you, found it !

Would you have any more link/doc about the dewarping parameters ? Like the projection, focal-length… ?

Hi baramuse,

Please download the latest Deepstream plug-in manual from here:

Section 2.8 of the manual describes the configuration file parameters for the dewarper plugin in more detail, including the projection type and focal length.

I’ve read a few times all the doc nvidia provided, i was looking for more didactical explanations of those parameters.
I guess I’ll have to try and and see :)