Jetson Nano halts at 75 degrees CPU

I’m working on an object detection project using the Jetson Nano(B01). My project is difficult to put a FUN on the Jetson Nano due to the limitations of the equipment used.
So I ran our object detection program on the Jetson Nano without FUN and monitored the temperature of each sensor and CPU clocks to see how long it took for the clock to run down or shut down.
After 48 minutes of running our program, the CPU temperature was at 75°C and the Jetson Nano shut down unexpectedly.
(The log of normal shutdown preprocessing was not output in /var/log/syslog.)

The “NVIDIA Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide” states the following.
“Maximum Tegra X1 operating temperatur:T.cpu=97°C” and “Tegra X1 shutdown temperature:T.cpu=102.5°C”
From (2.1 Thermal Specifications)

“Internal sensor-based shutdown. Failsafe thermal shutdown is guaranteed by using the SHUTDOWN signal directly from Tegra to the PMIC. After the failsafe shutdown the user will have to manually turn the system on by pressing the power button or equivalent input.”
From(4.5 Tegra X1 Shutdown Temperature).

However, in our tests, the unexpected shutdown occurred at CPU temperatures more than 20 degrees Celsius lower than described in the “NVIDIA Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide”.
Is this something wrong with the settings?
Let me know about some of the settings that we should investigate.

Could you paste the tegrastates output when the shutdown happens?
Usually it should not shutdown at 75°C.

Please share log info and all thermal zones value with ‘tegrastates’, seems that the shutdown is not caused by high temperature.

I was not aware of tegrastates and had not run it, so I don’t know what the output of the tegrastates command is at shutdown.
I will try to retry while running the tegrastates command.