Jetson nano is too hard to waste, wasted two weeks, what is the use of running an example?

A reshape problem, many of the forums encountered, is NVIDIA technology so embarrassing?

Jetson nano is too difficult to use, and has to give up using it. The whole forum has encountered the same problem, and it can’t be solved very well. It can only be transferred to other chips as product development. .

Sorry that you have a challenging time. Can you elaborate on the problem you are facing? I think you will find the developer community to be quite active, we are here to help.

Compared to what? I know of no other system that can do what the Jetson can do, that is “easier” to develop for. Most of them (Google, Intel USB solutions) are more limited, support fewer models, and have limitations in what host you need to use.

Software development with embedded hardware is hard.

Software development with embedded hardware using leading edge machine machine learning techniques on leading edge harwdare is even harder.

This has always been the case – developing on the forefront of technology is hard, because it’s unknown, and there’s no-one “beating a path” that you can follow.

You should be able to do that with these instructions here. You will need a jumper (or a screwdriver and a steady hand) but you should be able to pull one off some old hardware. If you can’t find any, you can order a bag of them for cheap. Just google “jumper caps”.

There is no “recovery menu” on the Jetson.

The “recovery mode” on the jetson is a bootloader that waits for control by the SDK manager on the USB interface. It’s an alternative way to transfer data to the Jetson, if you don’t want to just burn an SDCard. Also, if you use the production module (not devkit) then you need to be in recovery mode to program the internal EMMC externally. Again, that’s not needed for the SDCard.

This is explained in the documentation.

Almost all of the things you’ll ever need to know about the nano can be found here.

Yes, but “menu” and “mode” are two very different things. It had me confused for a while as to what you meant as well. Maybe calm down, and try to be less defensive. People are trying to help you. Good engineers know humility is a virtue.

Sorry, my parser failed on that one.

Haha. Thanks for the laugh. I hadn’t expected it today. Really. I had a bad day yesterday and your troll has put a smile to my face. Thank you, sincerely :)

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