Jetson Nano Jupyter Notebook outsize docker container - dataset package

In the Jetson nano AI training, Nvidia is using a docker container in which they include the following line (classification python code): from dataset import ImageClassificationDataset
I would like to run the same code outside docker container, using Jupyter Notebook. How can I download dataset library/package ? I have been trying to get it and searching in the internet, but not luck. The rest of the library are working properly (Torch, Torchvision, etc.), but dataset package cannot be found anywhere.

Hi @facruz, there is a copy of the Nano DLI notebooks / code here: GitHub - sangyy/jetson-dlinano: getting started

The ImageClassificationDataset class is in this module:

Or you can just copy it out of the container by copying the notebooks/code to the mounted data directory.

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