Jetson Nano - Kill GDM3 to go to Command Prompt

I am currently running a Jetson Nano as a server the run the Spaghetti Detective for 3d Printing. I currently do not have the GUI Desktop loading on boot and if needed, just issue the command “$sudo systemctl start gdm3”. If I want to kill the GUI Desktop and go back to the command line prompt, issuing "sudo systemctl stop gdm3" kills the desktop, but the command prompt does not appear. Only a cursor with no command line.

The question I have is if anyone knows how to accomplish this? I do not want to keep the desktop running in the background to free up memory.

systemctl isolate

to make it persistent across reboots

systemctl set-default

to undo the change

systemctl set-default

If you see no display, try rebooting. If you still see nothing, try another input (eg. hdmi instead of display port or vice versa(. Make sure you have a way back in (eg. ssh) before trying this however just in case you end up stuck.

Perhaps this method of stopping the service does not reinstate the configuration to run the text based console on that terminal. Typically there is no text based terminal service on the virtual terminal of the GUI, but several others run after you switch to a different virtual terminal.

Try ALT+F2 or ALT+F3 to see if you can go to another terminal. If in a GUI you use CTRL+ALT+Fnumber to switch virtual terminals; outside of the GUI you use ALT+Fnumber.

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