Jetson Nano limited space


I have a Jetson Nano with 16GB flash memory and I am running very low on memory after installing Jetpack 4.5 with Jetson SDK Components and other required components for my application. The Jetson SDK Components installed also cuda/libnvinfer/libvisionworks samples and documentation, which are quite big and does not sound to be required. Is there a way to properly uninstalled them while keeping the core libraries?

Size Name Description
544815 libnvinfer-samples TensorRT samples
335901 cuda-documentation-10-2 CUDA documentation
207835 cuda-samples-10-2 CUDA example applications
60674 libvisionworks-samples Samples for NVIDIA’s VisionWorks Library

In my opinion, this guide can help you to solve your issues.

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Thank you, this is what I was looking for.