Jetson Nano on a custome Board

i have some problems with my jetson nano on an customize Board.

WARNING: Carrier board is not from a Jetson Developer Kit.
WARNNIG: Jetson.GPIO library has not been verified with this carrier board,
WARNING: and in fact is unlikely to work correctly.

I can’t drive the GPIO-Pins like on my jetson nano developerKit-Board.

Best regards

hello felix-ferdinand-mueller,

Jetson‑IO is a Python-based tool that runs on the developer kit and modifies the Device Tree Blob (DTB) firmware so that a new configuration for the 40‑pin expansion header is applied when the developer kit is rebooted.
please have pinmux modification if you’re having your own customization board.
check developer guide, Jetson Nano Platform Adaptation and Bring-Up for more details.