Jetson NANO eMMC module => "No board data found" Issue

I’ve get an issue to use ‘’ with Jetson NANO eMMC module.
I found same issue on the forum.
=> Jetson‑IO- No board data found
It seems to be still in not supported.

Our carrier board had modifed GPIO pin from Dev kit.
In this case, we have to get .dtsi files or futhermore kernel sources from manufacturer of carrier board.
It’s very sophiscated to end users, if i can’t take the files from manufacturer.
So, I wonder is there any update plan for support to using jetsion-io?

hello sumin.lee,

Jetson-IO does not support Nano eMMC module.
hence, please use the pinmux spreadsheet to change the board configuration settings.

Thanks, Jerry.
I will handle it with manufacturer of carrier board.