Jetson Nano ROS2 publisher and image processing

Hi, I want to publish image via ros2 on jetson nano but I also would like to use it.
As far as I know, we can get img data from CSI cameras to publish directly.
But I also need to use it.

I cannot find on gitpages.

The question is: How can I get img data from jetson library and process image?
Also I would like to understand and know if I can process img while img is in jetson utils datatype (not numpy array)

I will use img in same node. I’ll publish image to use another devices.


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Hi @muhammedsezer12, you can find ros2 package for CSI camera at

Also the one from jetson-inference / ros_deep_learning

You can use it with the functions from jetson.utils / jetson.inference, or see here for documentation about the memory structure:

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Hi, thanks.

Last question: is there any way to publish img from directly image capsule datatype? Without any conversation to opencv.

The ros_deep_learning package doesn’t use OpenCV for the image conversion (it uses CUDA). But there will always be the step of serializing the image into the ROS message.


Real last question: how do you serialise img with your code?
How can i apply it on python?

Hi @muhammedsezer12, you can find the code for converting CUDA image to ROS image message here:

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