Jetson Nano SoM cluster with customized carrier board

Hi Guys, we made a customized Jetson SoM cluster!

It’s cool! Would you mind to share more details?

@kayccc Sure. It is a carrier board which can install up to 4 Jetson Nano/NX SoMs. There is an on board 5-port gigabit switch enabling the 4 SoMs to communicate with each other. All the 3 peripheral SoMs can be powered on or off seperately.


when can we see this available?

@melgumban It’s expected to be availab at the middle of Sep


where to check this out?

Thanks for your close attention, however we found some issues on power management. We are now fixing it. The official release is expected to be at the end of Oct. Once it’s published I’ll let you know immediately.

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@melgumban Hi, we have tested the Jetson Mate Cluster Carrier Board with NX and Nano. Both worked fine. It’s about to be released. Welcome to join the telegram group to know more about the product and be the alpha user!

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Hi @memoryleakyu, I saw this is now up for pre-order at Seeed Studio!

Great work!

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just order … time to build my frankenstein