Jetson Nano stopped taking power from the Barrel Jack

I have been using the nano for the past two weeks and everything has been running smoothly. I have it using a 5v power supply and a jumper on the J48 pins. I also am using a hat made for the raspberry pi on it with a servo. I was using the servo and I was holding it and when I went to set it down the screen went black and the barrel jack is not taking power. I can still power it with the USB port but I don’t know if I can safely use the servo with it. This is the second nano I have used with this problem and want to know what I’m doing wrong.

Motors generate significant EMI at times. This will damage sensitive electrical components, which may include load switches, diodes, and other parts in the Jetson power circuits (or the Jetson itself.)
You will generally want to isolate a servo motor (or other motor) from your sensitive logic power. Trying to power the servo with the same 5V rail that you power the Jetson with means that motor EMI will make its way into the Jetson, and eventually damage it.

The best way to do this is to have two power supplies: One for the Jetson, and one for the servo. Tie the GND wires together, and run the servo control signal to the hat, but run the servo power to its own power supply.

If that’s not possible for some reason, then you will need significant filtering on the servo power wire between the hat and the servo; a 3A / 100 uH inductor and a 16V / 470 uF capacitor would be a good start.

I am using this hat and this servo:

Will these still give me EMI?

I see no voltage rail filtering on that hat, it seems to just draw servo power straight from the 5V rail, so I would assume it’s unfiltered.