Jetson nano Training

Hi all

I would just like to say hello and introduce myself, I work for a very large multinational company and I purchased a Jetson Nano developer kit.

I am unsure if I should post this here, so please correct me and explain where I should post if not correct.

I am very interested in the vision capability and the ability to recognise objects and detect.

I am a complete novice and have been working my way through the 2 days to a demo tutorials. I have managed to get it all up and running, I just need to start training my own model. I would like to start with something simple and be able to detect if a bottle is stood upright or has fallen over.

I want to be able to use this for machine infeed/outfeed areas so we can extract the data.

I am unsure how I would go about or code the jetson to write what it sees to an excel file? I can then export the excel file to Power Bi or something similar to write reports automatically.

Can anyone offer any advice on where I would start, or point me in the right direction of where I might already find this information so I can train myself.