Jetson Nano/ZED 2i camera performance

Hi I want to record videos on nvidia Jetson 4gb module for 4 hours in 1 hour chunks from a ZED 2i camera.

How can i optimized my device performance for that?

What fast write sd card would you suggest?
Is there nay possible way to write videos on the Jetson nano orin in compression mode?

Since there is no hardware encoders in Jetson Orin Nano, you would need to use software encoder for encoding to h264 or h265.

A better solution is to use hardware encoder and you may consider use Orin NX.

Thanks for getting back
What kind of a software encoder and how can i do that?
Would it be bettwr to use a 4gb nano module, since i am only using it for depth video recording purposes?
Do you have any suggestion for heat management (devices for the jetson nano module 2gb)? I want to record videos from the camera for 4 hours but in 1 hour intervals.

You may consider use Jetson Nano, TX2 NX, or Xavier NX. Capability of the platforms are described in module data sheets. Please take a look and see which one meets the requirement(width, height, frame rate)

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