Compatible hardware encoder to compliment Orin Nano

So, we were very excited to see a new high performance machine by Nvidia but the loss of encoding is a big miss for us.

Does anyone know of a good HW encoding chip we could put down on a PCBA that would play nice with the Orin Nano?


On the Jetson Orin Nano, you can use the CPU cores and software encoding with ffmpeg to get 1080p30 encoding, for additional encoding you can take advantage of the Jetson Orin NX Modules.
What’s your product requiement on encoding?

This details is very annoying.
I’ve the same issue. I use Jetson Nano for
decode a RTSP stream → make inference → add OSD → encode video → stream video to another RTSP

Really I cannot understand why remove HW video encoder… It has no sense…
Please change this detail or please create a NVME video encoder accelerator, compatibile with GSTREAMER, in order to avoid this lack.


now this is surprising, it cannot act as the next Nano if the previous one is doing much better job on camera encoding.

is it a software restriction that you can left it as you wish or the ISP block itself is missing from the hardware

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That resolution isn’t ideal and we’re doing other things with the Nano that will likely get overwhelmed if it’s encoding 24/7. We have discussed as another commenter mentioned building a NVME video encoder for G-Streamer which should perform much better than CPU encoding. The Orin NX on a cost basis is far from the Nano price point. We’re encoding 1x 4k stream.

Very disappointing - the hardware video and jpec encoder/decoder were cornerstones of this SBC.

Absolutely terrible decision by NV.

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