Orin Nano video encoding support

We need x2 1080p 30FPS H264/H265 encodings, with minimal (very minimal! <10% for 2 streams) CPU utilization.
If they cannot deliver without adding chips on the side, or using too much CPU, it is not worth it (for an already expensive SOM)
If there is an explanation somewhere, please send and I will check it.

Hi mohassan,

We have documented here different pipelines and their CPU consumption:


For h264 using dual encoding it reaches around 12%, and h265 reaches around 10%.

I am looking data for Orin Nano which does not have H.264/265 hard encoder.

Yea using FFMPEG 1080p30 can be supported on CPU Cores. See some measurements can be found in this blog: Develop for All Six NVIDIA Jetson Orin Modules with the Power of One Developer Kit | NVIDIA Technical Blog

and if i need 5MP @20 encoding?

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