Jetson Orin - apt upgrade causes black screen

Hello everyone,

Following an apt upgrade on Jetson Orin (today), the screen is permanently black after booting.

The board is still accessible via ssh.

The solutions found in the forum did not work:

Our specs:

  • Jetpack 5.1.3
  • L4T 35.5.0

Thank you in advance.

DevKit/custom board?

Hello @DaveYYY,

We use a Jetson AGX Orin 64GB Developer Kit.


Please first try re-flashing the device.

We are currently starting the re-flash process in one of our boards.

However, our goal is to prevent doing this on all devices.

Do you have another suggestion to try in parallel?


I cannot tell since I don’t even know what packages you updated.

Please refer to the print screen shared in the first message.

Give text log, bro. Screenshots are not preferred.
I don’t think you can recover from this.
Maybe check the status of display drivers sudo lsmod | grep nvidia, and also Xorg log.

Are you able to do sudo modprobe nvidia?
Apparently all of your display drivers are gone.

Hello @DaveYYY,

sudo modprobe nvidia returns “modprobe : ERROR could not insert ‘nvidia’: Invalid argument”