Jetson Orin DevKit weight

What is the weight of a Jetson Orin DevKit?

This post from March 2022 says is 1.58 kg. However, a newer post from September 2022 says that even the weight of the board is TBD.
Also some Google search says it is 0.5 kg…

Also information about the weight of an Xavier AGX DevKit is welcome.

We are checking on this, will update once available.

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The Orin nano devkit is 0.174kg.

Thanks for the answer.
0.174 kg is the weight of just the SOM right? It seems a small weight for the whole dev kit with aluminium case, fun, etc.

The most reliable figures I have are:

  • Xavier AGX DevKit: 665 gr.
  • Orin AGX DevKit: 887 gr.

Source: search for “JetsonHacks” on Youtube.

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0.174kg is weight of Orin nano devkit. Will update weight of Orin devkit here once available.

Update: It’s 872.5g.

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