Jetson orin nano Power GUI

I am using the Jetson Orin Nano board, when I use the “Power GUI” to monitor the power numbers, I have trouble to understand:

  1. as I configure the Orin Nano to the power mode (15W)
  2. then I run my benchmarking application and use the “Power GUI” to monitor the power numbers, for example, VDD_IN: 8081 mW, VDD_CPU_GPU_CV: 3654 mW, VDD_SOC:1535 mW

question: if I add these 3 (VDD_IN, VDD_CPU_GPU_CV, VDD_SOC) together, it’s about 13.270 mW, it’s close but not equal to my 15 W budget setting. I am trying to figure out if we can figure out the total power consumption of my Jetson Orin Nano device (or SoC) with “Power GUI” tool, or if we have better explanation to the VDD_IN, VDD_SOC definitions.

VDD_IN is total module power on Orin-Nano/NX series which has been documented in L4T developer guide:
Jetson Orin Nano Series, Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson AGX Orin Series — Jetson Linux Developer Guide documentation (

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