Jetson Orin Nano removal of GUI steps not working from offcial nvidia documentation

I have a Jetson Orin Nano with Jetpack version 5.1.1. and I am trying to remove the GUI of the Jetson Orin Nano, for performance and optimization, so that i can work in headless mode using SSH.

I have been following the official nvidia documentation for the same:-

This documentation does state the process of how to do so, but while following I am facing some issues.

The document has a step called “Remove the desktop graphical user interface” under which there is another link that leads to the page containing steps for the same:- Step 1: Removing GUI - Guide to Minimizing Jetson Disk Usage

Now here there is section called " Step 1: Removing GUI " which stats the commands to be run, but there is a requirement to download a txt file called:- nvubuntu-focal-packages_only-in-desktop.txt

This file is needed to run the subsequent commands but while trying to access the link, it shows the following error:-

I suppose that document has been moved or the link itself is not working. But i need help with this issue to move forward.

Nvidia team, Kindly resolve this issue .

We will check and try to fix that page.

But, Orin nano does not support to remove GUI either. After remove GUI, it will not have console.

The page is mostly for Xaiver.

Hello, karthink.a,

Thank you for pointing this out.
I just fixed the links on the page. Please have a check.

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