Jetson Orin Nano stopped booting

We are a robotics company and have three Jetson Orin Nano. After using each one for a few days, all of them have experienced the same problem.

During boot, it shows “warning test key in use” followed by “LT4Launcher attempting recovery boot”. It tries a few times until going blank.

We are putting them through normal use, SLAM, navigation, manipulation with the board properly ventilated. There is nothing extraordinary, except that we are using the CAN Bus pins of the board. We had to solder our own pins to it. That’s the only “alteration” to it from off-the-shelf.

We found many topics here with similar issue. However, most if not all of these topics were simply closed automatically with no satisfactory resolution. Which really put us off

We are still going through trade studies, testing and validation phases and unless we find what is wrong with this product, this is not something we could spec in our own product.

Attached is the serial output during boot up.

jetson_orin_nano_boot.txt (83.0 KB)

Please let us know if there is an easy solution or if there is anything defective with this product.



This log is too late to check. There is a mechanism that “when this board fails to boot in consecutively 3 times, then it will boot a recovery image instead”.

The log you shared is already in recovery image. Recovery image behavior is same for everyone. We won’t know why you failed to boot consecutively before.

Please follow this method to get rid of recovery image first and monitoring your serial log again. We need that log but not recovery image log.

last item in above link: → Q: My device got stuck in “recovery boot”. How to recover without reflashing?

@WayneWWW Thanks for your prompt reply. Please, see attached updated file.

jetson_orin_nano_direct_boot.txt (85.4 KB)

Direct boot starts on line 700.


I remember there was such issue reported before. It seems SDcard is related.

Could you share what SDcard you are using now and if possible, could you try other kind of sdcard?

Or use usb drive to boot.

We are using a regular 64 GB SD Card. But let me get a new one and get back to you.


I mean the brand name. But not just “regular”… I believe 90% of users here are using “regular” things…

64GB A2

We have three Jetsons in the same situation.

We flashed one of the Jetsons with a new Samsung 128GB Evo Select SD Card. It is working as expected. Of course this is not the solution we wanted, since we had to reconfigure the Jetson again with all of our software, and this would be a no-go in production.

Was this preventable? Would the use of an SSD make it a lot more robust for intensive applications (robotics, vision, mapping, inference)?


From what I know, if you want to totally not hitting this issue, please move to use SSD.

The reason of why sdcard got corrupted is still under investigation.

Ok, thank you.

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