Jetson Orin Nano USB-C Interface

I am designing a custom carrier board for our application. I have a question about the USB Type C interface. In the Orin NX reference design, the 4 differential pairs USB_RX1/TX1 and USB_RX2/TX2 are “muxed” to go to the Orin Module. Is it possible to just connect the 2 RX/TX pairs directly to different ports on the PCIE interface and eliminate the MUX and controller hardware?

Sure, please refer to the Design Guide for more info, and please note below requirements:

One USB2 roothub cannot be paired with multiple USB3 roothubs. Valid design is one USB2 roothub + one USB3 roothub like:

*) USB2 + USB3 in pair connecting to a USB HUB

*) USB2 + USB3 in pair connecting to a PD controller and then to a type-C port

*) USB2 + USB3 in pair connecting to a type-A port

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