Jetson Orin NX CUDA initialization failure with error: 35

I set up my jetson orin nx using jetson linux R35.3.1 aarch64 deb package but after installation the jetson jetpack does not come with cudnn and cuda therefore i went to install cudnn-local-repo-ubuntu2004- and cuda-tegra-repo-ubuntu2004-12-0-local_12.0-1_arm64.deb.
i also install nv-tensorrt-local-repo-ubuntu2004-8.6.1-cuda-12.0_1.0-1_arm64.deb with tensorflow=2.12.0

for context i am trying to run a machine learning program using onnx model. when i ./main to run the program
this error occur

WARNING: Unable to determine GPU memory usage
WARNING: Unable to determine GPU memory usage
WARNING: CUDA initialization failure with error: 35. Please check your CUDA installation: NVIDIA CUDA Installation Guide for Linux
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

i could not find ways to fix it.
anyone can help me to fix this error?
thanks in advance.


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The package shared on the cuDNN and TensorRT website is not for Jetson.
You can find it from SDKmanager or this link:

More, how do you flash the device?
If you use SDKmanager to flash, you can install all the components directly.


thanks for the advice. i have install it using sdk manager and everything is installed properly.
I have another problem which is that when i connect the board to some monitors there is no connection between the board and the monitor. Is there a certain limitation on the resolution of the monitor that the board can support? I am using a DP to hdmi connector however DP to DP works.

I have a orin nano board which can be plug into any monitor.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know re-flashing fix the issue.
For the monitor’s problem, would you mind filing a new topic?


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