Driver Version to Install Tensorflow with CUDA on Jetson Orin Nano

Anyone know how to install tensorflow with CUDA support to use the GPU on the Jetson Orin Nano? I was trying to get things set up with this guide: Installing Tensorflow with GPU, CUDA and cuDNN in Ubuntu 20.04 | by Harish Masand | Medium

However, I wasn’t able to find the driver version for the Ampere-architecture GPU on the orin nano anywhere. I’ve looked online, and even called tech support, but found no explicit answers. If anyone could tell me what version to download, and if there’s anything else I should know about setting up tensorflow with gpu/cuda support on the Jetson Orin Nano, that would be greatly appreciated!



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Jetson platform uses integrated GPU so it cannot use the driver on the web that is designed for discrete GPU (mounted through PCIe).

The GPU driver for Orin is included in the Jetson BSP like r35.3.
The compatible CUDA, cuDNN, and TensorRT can be found in the JetPack installer.
TensorFlow prebuilt package and installation steps can be found in the below tutorial:


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