Jetson orin nx unexpectedly caused 19V to fail to start

Previously, it worked normally on the floor we designed ourselves. The core board was forcibly removed from the core board when I accidentally charged it and turned it on. Afterwards, the core board could no longer use 19V power supply and could only start with 12V 9V 5V (the voltage was directly connected to the core). After replacing the core, everything was normal

I have replaced the system, but they still cannot restore it

Is there any way to rescue in this situation

Hi, it looks like the module is damaged. You can try RMA for it. Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer

log.txt (32.5 KB)
Abnormal startup log
I also feel that the core is damaged, but even 12V can start up normally. I am wondering if there is any protection mechanism?

It is damaged per your description.

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