Jetson Orin: Type C used for flashing

Hi NV Support Team
From design guide, the USB recovery mode dont need care USB ID or VBUS for USB2.0
But if we want to use USB 3.2 Type C, Do we need config USB 3.2 as Device mode from Orin automatic ?
If we pull FORCE_RECOVERY_N pin to low ? how lont time needed for FORCE_RECOVER_N keep low time.


Flash needs to be run in device mode.

Pulling the pin low until system power on.

If i want to use two USB connector suppoert flashing.
e.g. Type A connector: USB2.0 P0 support flashing,
Type C connector: USB3.0 P1(Support) + USB2.0 PI (Not support) .
Is it OK?


No, flash should be on P0 port.

Your means only USB3.0 PI dont used flash?
We must to usb USB2.0 P0?

Currently this is not supported. But there is plan for enabling it.

So we need bunding the USB 2.0 P0 & USB3.2 PI together for one TypeC connector.

Yes, not only for flash port. Even other usb3 port need a usb2 pin to form as a pair.

Flash port for TypeC: usb2.0 p0&usb3.2 p1
No Flash port for TypeC: usb2.0 p1 &usb3.2 p2

Hi NV Support Team
Does USB2.0 P0 and USB3.2 P1 with TypeA connector can support flashing Orin/ Upgrade SW.
Because design guide mention in USB recovery mode neither VBUS nor ID detection is needed. Only need pull FORCE_RECOVERY_N pin to low in power on, Then Orin will auto run in device mode.
Please confirm it. Thanks

Flashing is supported on USB2.0 P0 port only currently.

Because TypeA connector have USB2.0 port. So is it OK for flashing?

Again, only USB2.0 P0 port is for flashing.

I means i will use TypeA connecot with USB2.0 P0 and USB3.2 P1, in my design. Please check if it is OK?
As you mention the only USB2.0 P0 support flashing. Is it clearn for my query?

Sure, it is OK as the P0 is included.

Thank you.

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