Jetson time setting problem

Jetson time setting problem

A problem was found while changing the system time.

test 1: If you change the system time while running deepstream-app, the system randomly slows down. (Display refresh is expected to slow down)
When symptoms of slowdown occur, if you connect via SSH and send the gdm3 restart command, the system will return normally…
“sudo systemctl restart gdm3”

test 2: The system operates normally without running deepstream-app.

Can you confirm the symptoms?

thank you.

How did you change the system time?
What value is set?

Change in date&time tab of system settings

Another way is to change it through commands.

  • ex) “sudo date -s 2024-03-08 17:01:00”

The symptoms of slowing down in both methods are the same.

Did dmesg or serial console show anything when the issue happened?
Will it happen regardless of what time is being set?

dmesg.log (129.5 KB)

If an error occurs, we will share the dmesg log file. Please confirm

The set time can be any value.
This happens just by changing the time.

Thanks for reperting it.
We’ll see whether we can reproduce this locally.

One more thing to make sure:
Are you using JetPack 5 or 6 DP? Or it happens on both version?

I am using Jetpack version 5.1.1

Hi JinSH,

We can’t reproduce your issue on JP-5.1.2.
Can you try JP-5.1.2 or the latest JP-5.1.3? Thanks!

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Thank you for answer
We will test this version as well.

However, it is difficult to install a different Jetpack version on equipment already installed on site…
Is there any solution in version 5.1.1?

If it’s not present on newer versions, then please upgrade.
We don’t debug on old BSP.

Tested on Jetpack version 5.1.3.
No symptoms occur.

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