Jetson TK1 DDR3 Configuration

Hi all,

I have two questions.

  1. I am interested to change the board configuration so that I can only use 2x16 DDR3L devices (either 1&2 or 3&4 in current configuration option #14). What steps should I have to perform?

  2. Where can I find ‘NVIDIA Tegra TK1 Interface Design Guide’ which is not available on


For me it won’t work with only 2 physical chips because the TK1 Memory Controller is 64 bits.
To be confirmed.

You may have a look to “Jetson TK1 Memory Characterization Tool” to make some tests.
There is a swap procedure (see its app note in the .zip) which may permit you to not use 2 chips.

The file you are looking for is in the download portal and is called “Tegra K1 Embedded Platform Design Guide”.


I found out one thread regarding this but the solution is not clear to me at all.

I think it is really weird that it works.

And even without trying anything, I guess the work flow would be :

  1. backup everything :p

  2. Open the pinmux file (with Windows OS), change user usage column (AE) from unused to the function in DDR3 lanes (from row 233).
    Do this for all signal you want (depends on your wish to keep either chips 1&2 or chips 3&4 in the clamshell configuration).

  3. generate the dtsi files by clicking on the button (column AE row 1 and macros should be activated)

  4. copy/collate those files in your uboot\dts

  5. change emc.c under u-boot\arch\arm\mach-tegra\tegra20\ :
    modify the EMC_FBIO_CFG5_0 (bit 4 : change it from 1 to 0 for x32 PMC support and write the value of bit 5 to your desired value). I’m not sure it is the one because Tegra20 is not the one on Jetson…but who knows…

5)build your new image and flash it

Edit : maybe some other configuration to work with (.par file for your memory coming with the Memory Characterization Tool) and other kernel conf I don’t really know how to deal with… :/