Jetson TK1 without Display / Remote desktop with GNOME / Teamviewer

I would like to boot my Jetson boards without display.

If I boot without a display connected, I can only work from SSH and can not autostart applications that require windows

I tried to startx from terminal but does not work.

Does anyone have an idea how to do some/one/all of the following ?

fake HDMI port, hardware or software ?
install fake display on UBUNTU 14 to force boot without display
startx from terminal
install working teamviewer
any other remote desktop that work with GNOME

I’m using TurboVNC in my Jetson TK1.

My remote desktop works with xfce4.
You will need to edit .vnc/xstartup.turbovnc file so that your TurboVNC server work with GNOME.

By default X.Org needs a display. Check this thread for details and a fix: