Jetson TX1 cluster


Its very interesting if anyone made Jetson TX1 Linux cluster (from many jetson devices connecting via enthernet cable) ? If so can you share your pictures. Wondering if its even possible ?

This is a JTK1, not JTX1, but it may be of interest:

Here’s google images with a lot of Jetson clusters:…0i8i30j0i24.1617.5134.0.5334.…0…1ac.1.64.img…1.13.769…0j0i30.H2DcmbbQNqU

I made an 8 node cluster of Jetson TK1s. Download the PDF for a complete description of the build:

A friend has borrowed it and is currently using it for machine learning video analysis:

Oh, and I just remembered that at least one company, Auvidea, is offering a clustering solution for TX1 modules:

I haven’t played with Auvidea’s J200 carrier, but I own a J120 board and it works great.


Nice i will look into that. Just wondering how powerful could be JTX1 clustered. Thanks for sharing ;)

You could get more computing power with something like a desktop computer with a good video card (the number of CUDA cores on a desktop system is in the thousands…JTX1 is 256)…the real bonus is that the small amount of electric power and weight for the Jetsons.

Hi Ernest-EU,

The only reasons to create a Jetson TX1 cluster would be if you wanted something very low power (Wattage) and/or portable. Since the latest top-of-the-line Nvidia GPU graphics cards are about the same price as a Jetson TX1, you would get far more number-crunching for the price just by sticking one of those into your PC.

I built my cluster using the TK1s to learn how to build and use a cluster, and because I wanted something portable (and green).

Have fun,

HA HA – I see linuxdev beat me to a similar response.

Maby anyone build this not energy hungry cluster? I would like to see setup of tx1 cluster .