P2C2: Portable Personal Cluster Computer

I have designed and built a 3D printed enclosure for an 8-node cluster of Jetson-TK1 boards.

I’ve posted STL and STEP files for the project at:

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That’s sweet! Nice work on the ultra tidy I/O panels, cabling, and custom power/reset/recovery buttons…

I’m guessing that there’s also a gigabit ethernet switch inside, interconnecting each Jetson?


Yes, there is a Netgear 8-port gigabit switch PCB crammed into the bottom case above the 300 watt power supply.

Each of the 7 vertical nodes has a Jetson board and a 2.5" SSD.

The horizontal ‘Master’ node adds an additional Gig ethernet port via the mini-pcie port (to connect to a development PC), a powered USB3 4-port hub, and a realtime-clock PCB. It is connected to the 10" monitor via HDMI.

All I need to develop CUDA /Cluster apps is plug the unit into an AC wall socket.

I’m currently working on a parts list and build document, which I’ll add to youmagine site when complete (hopefully by the end of this weekend).

Any updates?

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t get the build doc done as soon as I hoped. It is about 3/4 done now, and contains a complete list of parts with links to buy them. I’ll really, really, try to get it updated by the end of this weekend.

I tweaked a couple of the parts as well – I added a notch for the Monitor cables into node0 (the one at the top), and I fixed a slight misalignment with the SSD mounting hole on the back panels. I’ll get those in by the end of the weekend too.

Wow, I’m flattered someone cares! I’m also planning to release a 3D printed case for a single Jetson, based on my previous work. I will probably ‘fold’ the SSD under, so the case can be printed on a machine with a 6"x6" bed, too.


OK, as promised, I have uploaded a build doc with parts list and tweaked design files.



Wow! That’s an impressive build-out! Thanks for all the details! What have you been able to do with the cluster?


I’d never thought I’d write a 35 page tech doc for fun…and lots more to write.

I’m still setting up all the clusters for development.

I got them all flashed and talking, and then 21.3 came out. This motivated me to do it all over (to get Gigabyte Ethernet speeds).

A couple of days ago the SATA interface died on another of my boards (the second time this has happened!), so I have ordered replacement board and will have to take it all apart again.

I’m having a great time, though. The whole point of the project is to learn new stuff, and that is proceeding nicely. (My favorite bumper sticker: “OH NO! Not another learning opportunity.”)

Hi tonyvr, how many boards have you bought total? It seems odd that two of them would have SATA issues.

I’ve purchased 15 boards to date. One of my earliest boards may have had a bad SATA out of box, but I didn’t try it for a couple months, so I could have trashed it somehow. The latest board was working fine for several months, and then SATA access became intermittent for no apparent reason.

I gave the first board away to a friend. I could get an RMA for the second board, but my time is usually more precious than money, so I’ll probably just save it for a project that doesn’t require SATA.

An update on my Jetson-TK1 P2C2 mini-cluster project:

My friend Chase McMichael of Inifinigraph has been using my P2C2 to understand how to identify key images in video clips at a very low cost: