3D Printed case for Jetson-TK1

Hi all,

I have just uploaded a 3D Printed enclosure I designed for Nvidia’s Jetson-TK1 Development Kit. It is derived from my Portable Personal Cluster Computer (P2C2) case. It is only 5 ½” square, however, so unlike my P2C2 case, it can be printed on most 3D printers made today.

The case holds not only the Jetson-TK1 board, but a 2 ½” SATA drive too. It is also possible to install a circuit board of your own design inside the case. The case features external Power, Reset, and Force Recovery buttons, as well as power and disk access LEDs.

I hope you build one!

Find it at:


Awesome thanks for the work.

Thanks derrick313! Also, many thanks to kangalow for posting it on his site: http://jetsonhacks.com/

I forgot to edit the purchased part quantities in the instructions. I guess you’ll have to make cases for 7 of your friends as well 8^)

I also forgot to mention that I included the STEP design files for the case parts and the PCB, so hack away and create something new.


May you please send me a 3D Jetson TK1?