3D model for TX1 case?

Is there Jetson TX1 3D case i can download and print on a 3D printer?

Not sure about what’s your request…are you planning to use 3D printer to make a case for TX1? If so, there are related size data in module datasheet and carrier board files in download center.

Yes I wanted to 3D print the case for TX1. I already have the 3D model of TX1, just wanted to check if there was one out there already.


I am also curious if anyone has designed a case for the tx1. Nothing on thingiverse or yeggi. Shouldn’t be to hard in OpenScad with the correct spacing for expansion slots.

Actually I did not know this but any Mini ITX compatible case will work and they’re are plenty to 3d print as well.

Is there an I/O back panel plate that can be purchased is a good question…