3D Printing Jetson case from provided model

Soo… Nvidia was nice enough to provide us with a solid model of the entire board (with all the components minus resistors/tiny chips/whatever) available here: http://developer.download.nvidia.com/embedded/jetson/TK1/docs/Jetson_TK1_FabD_3D.stp
(right click → save as)

Annd… I was wondering if anyone has used the included case… I know I saw someone with the base from that model, but today after fixing some issues with it (and making it more for me) I encountered a problem…
Heres a top view of it (I added the hole and removed the nvidia text, its ugly)

Heres an isometric view so you have a little more reference without opening the file.

Now youll notice on top side of that image, there is a black and blue square near the GPIOs

This is roughly where the fan header sits…
Does anyone have any ideas on making room for it? I could just make a notch for it, but thats ugly. Or I could remove that little step down and completely cover the GPIOs, but Id like those to be open.


Also, has anyone compared the model to the actual board? I dont currently have a calipers at my house to check everything and dont really want to spend a couple hours checking all the critical dimensions (IO panel, screw holes, SD Card slot, and Power connector)

Well…you could just cover it with a fake large red button and the text “Don’t Press!”.

Perhaps the connector could be exchanged for a right angle one? This is a rather common connector, there must be a lot of variations available.