Case for Jetson TK1 Dev Kit ?

Is there a case available ?

I haven’t seen any but there are some 3D models available:

What kind of case are you looking for?

You could use 4-40 standoffs and screws with some wood or acrylic sheets to make an open air case:

Some basic options in acrylic:


Cool, thanks for the update! :)

I would like to build a more enclosed system with support for the SATA drive and some of the front panel I/O connectors as the board has support for them.

Does anyone know if the Jetson is following a Zotac or ITX style standard?

I think it’s not following any standard. Check the “Mechanical and Assembly Documentation” section in for details.

I listed some open and closed enclosures you could use, on the Wiki ([url][/url]). Feel free to add other ones to the Wiki if you’ve used a different enclosure and been happy with it!

My Puget case arrived today, and it’s absolutely beautiful! The option of having a hard drive mountable to it is just icing in the cake, even though I will not be using one for this particular project.

I went for Pburgess “sneeze guard” case [url][/url], here’s how it looks like in pink acrylic:


Because I didn’t have laser cut equipment nearby, I ordered the case online from Basically you just select the material and then upload the model in PDF format.

I did the small modifications (cut color, alignment, line width) needed by to Pburgess model. I’ve ready model PDF file here, in case you want to get one too [url][/url]. Model size is 6" x 12" and it fits to 1 “ acryl unit/sheet”.

Total price for this pink acrylic unit were 34$ + postages. Of course you have to buy screws and standoffs separately then :)