Tegra K1 Dev Board's CPU Fan

I am trying to use the same fan and the PNs I have found in the BOM is DCM-00001-N4-GP from Cooler Master.

I would like to get the step file and/or drawing for this fan so I can get the proper dimensions.

Attached picture here for your reference

Thank you.

On 2.jpg, I am having a hard time reading the dimension for the hole because it’s overlapping the line for the 31.59 mm vertical dimension.

That’s angle of chamfer, R3.0, not hole size.

So the four holes are 3.2mm in diameter? Because I have the actual fan and I am measuring 3mm holes

Yes, they are 3.2mm


Is anyone aware of any heatsinks that will work with this board/CPU?

To reduce failure/maintenance and pass mil-spec shock tests we’d like to remove the fan entirely and just use a heatsink. Can anyone recommend any adequately large heatsinks for use with the Cortex A15 processor in our NVIDIA Jetson TK1?

Replied in https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/999090/jetson-tk1/replace-fan-/post/5106965/#5106965

this is a super helpful webpage on this subject: http://elinux.org/Jetson/Thermal#Replacing_the_fan_with_a_heatsink