Jetson TX1 not responding after installing JetPack 2.2

I’m having a trouble after installing JetPack 2.2. When trying to start any program Jetson stops responding. I installed JetPack as described here
I don’t know what can be the problem.

Any help is appreciated.

How are you accessing the Jetson…direct keyboard and X11…ssh…serial console?

One thing to consider is that even if graphics stopped and locked up, the rest of the system may still be running. Try to ping the device, try ssh login. If you can, check serial console…see:

I access Jetson with keyboard and mouse, and monitor. I don’t use serial console, and frankly I’m not familiar with serial console. Yes, when I pinged it, it was still responding.

Same issue here, fresh installation of new L4T 24.1 using 64 bit. Looks like the grapical interface freezes while system is still running. For now it seems to happen randomly. Hope there is a quick solution for this problem otherswise i have to go back to R23.4.

I suspect it is purely a graphics failure related to EDID not being read when required. If you can log in via ssh and run either of these (may require install of packages “read-edid” and “edid-decode”) before and after the failure, it might verify:

get-edid | parse-edid
get-edid | edid-decode

If you develop on a Jetson you may find serial console worth having available (it’s independent of graphical and network failure, even at boot loader stage):

I successfully installed all CUDA things, but yah, hanging issue. Happens after boot up and click “search”. Mouse moves, do have respond from ssh. But just cannot really get into anything

Oh, another thing is cannot find chromium browser from repository anymore

After installing JetPack 2.2 again everything works fine. I guess something went wrong during installation. But, yeah, no Chromium, and Firefox doesn’t respond after installation. And rendering of GUI is an issue, also.

Same here, Firefox won’t start after installing from the Ubuntu Software Center. Using Epiphany for now.

Still no some useful response? Can anyone provide answers? Jetson is acting really strange. After second installation of JetPack 2.2 I noticed that everything works fine, but NOOOO! While developing with CUDA and Gstreamer it happens that Jetson slows down significantly and then restarts!
Please, any solutions? Is this some kind of a bug that JetPack has?

Chromium/Firefox and many others on 64bit ARM or aarch64 builds has some way to go. best thing to do is add armhf 32bit [what used to be on32bit jetson] as second architecture then update then install the 32bit. this should get you back to what you were used to but still also have 64bit option.

I tested install of the 32-bit via:

sudo dpkg --add-architecture armhf
sudo apt update
sudo apt-get install chromium-browser

Although it seemed successful, there was a runtime failure due to missing of the 32-bit flavor. 64-bit version is there, chromium-browser 32-bit should have 32-bit as a dependency, but installs despite the missing dependency.

Firefox does not show as having a 32-bit version with armhf, which is also probably a bug in packaging dependencies. It is possible that using dpkg on a manually downloaded firefox 32-bit armhf might work if all of the other 32-bit dependencies are in place (I’m guessing that’s a lot of dependencies to manually add).

Similarly, it is possible that a manually downloaded and installed 32-bit armhf libexif12 .deb would succeed in making 32-bit chromium useful…this seems like the most likely to succeed path if chromium-browser is desired, although this may just reveal more dependencies.

that’s interesting, linuxdev, because with a fresh 32bit install firefox is already in the launcher and loads but i have not used it a whole lot so it might be crashing alot. and a search on Dash or software center makes chromium install easy and it works very well. that is an improvement over the previous 32bit ,23.2?, where finding it was problematic. i finally had to install a build from Russia, but it worked great. so i just assumed that one could add a second architecture and get the same packages.

@dkryder, which L4T release are you using, as well as version of rootfs (there are now both 32-bit and 64-bit rootfs available)? I have R24.1 with the 64-bit sample rootfs, which has firefox on it, but it’s the 64-bit version. Since 64-bit firefox has problems, I was hoping to test 32-bit. Unfortunately, 32-bit is not listed even if adding architecture armhf. Yet the armhf version does exist, it runs well on a TK1 armhf and is available on JTX1 when 32-bit sample rootfs is installed. Maybe I need to open some repositories, but I won’t be where I can do that until tomorrow.

i have 24.1 32bit rootfs install. i used jetpack 2.2. and firefox is sitting in the launcher right after install. i opened a couple times but have not used it at all. i use chromium cause i use android devices [phone/tablet] and sync is better. i just looked and it’s firefox 47, released 6/7/2016. i’ll see if i can find package info.
firefox 47

but it also listed this, 32.0.3+build1-0ubuntu0.14.04.1
so i’m not sure if you would need that first and then 47 or if just 47. i would think just 47.
i also read they have 33 new developers contributing so perhaps better things in future.

The issues I’ve seen with R24.1 were for the 64-bit rootfs. 32-bit firefox runs on 32-bit rootfs, 64-bit firefox locks on 64-bit rootfs; 32-bit firefox should be installable on 64-bit rootfs by adding armhf, but some firefox dependencies seem to not work right and fail to install when doing this via apt-get…the 32-bit chain of dependencies is not working correctly.

Trying to install the 32-bit compatibility version after adding information to the package manager that armhf is also ok to install starts out looking like it works…packages which I know exist for 32-bit just are not showing up. Those issues would seem to be bugs in the packaging tools, or perhaps new repositories simply need to be added. I suspect somewhere the metadata is incorrect for armhf on aarch64+armhf hybrid environment.