Jetson TX2 bluetooth mouse and keyboard

I want to use jetson tx2 with bluetooth mouse and keyboard(not usb).
However bluetooth mouse and keyboard which I have are not working in jetson tx2.
So I want to but some new devices. Anybody know which bluetooth mouse and keyboard can use in tx2??

someone recommend Logitech V470 Bluetooth Cordless Laser Mouse however in documentation it is nor working in linux.


So I want to but some new devices >> So I want to buy some new devices
Sorry for typo.

I used to have the input devices in Unifying wireless. My recent work required me to free up the USB 3 port, so I went hunting for bluetooth mouse and kb for awhile. Without luck in getting explicit recommendation on Google, I ended up to read Amazon for general recommendations and went ahead bought a pair of low cost set: Logitech K380 keyboard and M585 mouse.

The set up was quite simple and straightforward.
Power up TX2 with existing wireless mouse and keyboard (unifying wireless receiver)
Click on System Settings (gear icon), Hardware, Bluetooth
In the popup window, turn on Bluetooth setting, and then click “+” sign
In the popup Device Search window, you should see the M585 mouse right away if the mouse had been powered on (automatically in connecting mode at first time). For keyboard, hold and press #1 yellow key on the K380 for 3 seconds to see the keyboard get listed. Select the device on the list, click next and follow the instruction (for keyboard, you need to key in the PIN as instructed by the setup screen).
Finished. Unplug the Unifying receiver and put away the old set of devices.

Just to share my experience and hope it helps.

Edit: 2/21/2019
The K380 is not working well on Jetson TX2. The lag of response was so bad sometimes it could end up disastrous. The lag might have something to do with the jobs currently were running. But even at the wakeup, you type in password would appear nothing than suddenly followed by a burst of repeating characters. Similarly in terminal, you hit up arrow to recall the previous commands might give you a sudden result as if repeating the key hundred of times. If you accidentally entered the [return] key at the time, you know how badly you could end up with.

Not sure if the lag was caused by K380, or the way Bluetooth stack was handled in Jetson. M585 mouse seems functioning okay.