Jetson TX2 Dual CAN interface


I’m confused about the TX2 CAN interface and hope to get some clarifying answers here ;-)
According to some posts i’ve read recently (sorry, couldn’t find them again) there is a problem with the CAN interface and only one CAN channel can be used at a time.

Please can someone confirm / rebut this information?


Hi Rainer,

TX2 has 2 CAN controllers in it.
Both the controllers can be used together forming a CAN network.
To configure a CAN node on a network you need to first interface each CAN controller with separate CAN Transceivers and interface properly as per the PIN configurations.

A detailed PIN configurations can be found in the Tegra X2 TRM.

Also you can follow the below self explanatory link for CAN setup on TX2
And also please refer to the attached setup image in the link.

Hope this helps.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Sandipan!

Thank you for this enlightening answer :-)