Jetson TX2 has 0MB free space

My Jetson TX2 shows 0MB of free space. I am unable to delete any files or do anything. Tried restarting but the same problem persists. How can I delete some files ? OR do I have to flash it again ? Will it work if I plug in a SDXC card and restart it ?

Can you SSH in over the network and try deleting some files there? If not, you may need to reflash, or if you need to recover sensitive data, you can clone the image to a host PC, where you can mount it (viewing/editing the contents and optionally flashing the edited image back to the Jetson).

FYI, a clone can be used to flash back to the original system. The clone can be loopback mounted on the host and edited prior to flashing it back. A clone has the distinct advantage of being a backup (“disaster is a disk waiting to happen”). Clones take significant time to run, but I prefer to have both a clone and a rescue SD.

A rescue SD card would also work. See: