Jetson TX2 not starting after restart

Hi All,

So I copied a 30 gig file onto my Jetson for processing from my local machine, and I attempted to start up Jupyter Notebook on it. I installed Jupyter Notebook, and for some odd reason, the Chromium Browser would not open. I don’t have the exact error message (because I can’t even get to my home screen anymore), but I believe it said my device didn’t have enough space, even though it did when I checked Disk Utility. Anyways, I restarted my Jetson, and now, it keeps flashing this message before powering off automatically:

Any suggestions on what I can do? I really do not want to have to reflash and start from scratch again. Thanks!

If you have serial console access (and possibly you do, but I wouldn’t count on it), then you could perhaps delete files (serial console has far lower service and resource requirements). For serial console, see:

If not, then you would need to clone (which takes a lot of time and disk space on the host PC, perhaps 20GB or so), mount the clone on the host PC via loopback, remove excess there, and then flash again using the repaired clone with the same JetPack release which produced the original install. The clone would replace the default image. Some instructions may change depending on release version.

Which release do you have installed, and are you interested in going the clone route (assuming serial console fails)?