Emergemcy about TX2

I first tried to describe the problem clearly: a few days ago, when I ran a demo on tensorflow on TX2, I finally killed the process automatically. At this moment, the tx2 system prompts that the disk space is seriously insufficient, and I cannot successfully load the desktop after I restart. (Exactly, only the background is displayed but the terminal cannot be opened, etc.). Then I thought about re-flashing it, but the flashing machine was not successful: although I can use USB to communicate with the host board (can enter the forced recovery mode), but can not light up the TX2 operating system, the host’s The terminal stays at the step of “determining the IP address of target”. The important thing is that although the development board and the host are connected under the same route, the network port indicator of the development board is not bright, so I can’t manually obtain its IP address (I can’t enter the terminal of TX2). I really don’t know how to solve this problem, so I ask for help!

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Typically temporary files are required for many uses, one of which might be login or sudo. The GUI will probably be the first to fail. The text console from CTRL-ALT-F2 might allow login, and if it does, see if you can delete files from that login. The serial console is always logged in, and so if you have serial console set up, then this would be a very good way to do this.

If you can boot from a rescue SD card, then you could mount “/dev/mmcblk0p1” and delete files from there.

The method which takes significant time, but which should always work, is to clone, loopback mount the clone on the PC, and then delete files that way…followed by flashing the clone back in place. I recommend this because it gives you a backup for cases when something goes wrong and you lose the system. When I build a rescue SD card I typically use the clone instead of the sample rootfs…if the “/boot” content is not in place from your last flash it can be a pain to use a sample rootfs…but the content of a clone is always correct after a simple edit.

Can you log in at text console or serial console? If not, do you prefer to build a rescue SD card, and if that is the case, what L4T release version are you using? And do you have a host system install of JetPack or command line flash tools already in place?