Jetson TX2 HW combination??

Please let me know about the detail information of Jetson TX2 HW combination, such as PMIC, WiFi/BT chipsets, Ethernet controller etc (main ICs,)…?

I need 3rd party IC vendors inside TX2 and their part numbers.

Thanks in advance !!

Hi Alison, please check the doc in download center for these info, especially the doc of OEM DG, module datasheet etc. Those in download center are available info for customer.

Hi Trumany

Thanks for your reply.

But I already checked the datasheet, I couldn’t find that info(TX1 datasheet contains that 3rd party list but TX2 didn’t).

Do you know which doc has those parts?

PMIC and WIFI chip are same as TX1, Ethernet chip is BCM89610.

Are you sure about the Ethernet chip? I’ve been trying to find this information too but what I’ve found so far suggests that a Broadcom BCM54610C1IMLG is used:

They are pin compatible and have almost same functions. BCM54610 is commercial grade, BCM89610 is automotive grade, you can chose either one accordingly.