Jetson TX2 power on/off test

I designed it TX2 Carrier Board, but in my company QE test has one test program, power on/off test. so I want to know, how is it, Our standard is 1000 times power on/off no failure, can by software or hardware testing.

Please help this, or any about this test document


I need to check if we have such tools.

If want to run the power on/off test, you need to do HW reworks.
You can reference below two topic:

Thank you for your reply, you suggest is auto power on, not by me request, I need power on/off test count.
I have a question, You are developing Jetson TX2 module, no testing power on/off signal quality, How can you ensure that 1000 consecutive switching machines are normal?


I just checked with QC and indeed we have internal tools for such test. However, we cannot reveal this to public user.