12V power problems

Hey. ran into a problem while powering a Jetson TX2 on 12V. However, under heavy load, the Jetson TX2 is faced with the fact that the TX2 shuts down. There are suspicions that the current limit is set somewhere and it shuts off when a certain current strength is exceeded. I tried to apply 14V for testing, there was no problem with disconnecting. Can you tell me something? How can this problem be solved?


Hi, please capture the voltage drop when shut down, basically it depends on the capability of power supply. You can also try other power source.

Hi. Thanks for your answer. I conducted the following tests: increased the voltage from 12 to 15V. Under heavy load, Jetson didn’t shut down, strange. I need exactly 12V, while turning off the voltage drops I did not observe. I tried to feed with the help of the power supply and the battery, the problem remains

Did you use scope to capture the drop? That’s generally an instant drop that can’t be seen by naked eye.

The lower input voltage, the higher input current for same workload, and so the higher voltage drop on routing, which will easier cause the voltage drop exceed the threshold so as to cause power-off.

I’m having the exact same issue. I’m powering the TX2 with 12 V adapter. When the unit dies, it doesn’t reset. Instead, it stuck at a bad state. I have to physically remove the adapter and plug back in.

Any thoughts?

The ch1 is 12 V input, it’s measured right on the TX2
the ch4 is the 5 V regulator on the board.