TX2 shutting down


I’m debugging an issue with TX2 shutting down and not able to recover by itself.


I measured the current draw by the device, and the voltage input at the device. When the device suddenly draw ~1.8 A @ 12 V, the TX2 shuts down. The voltage at input still maintains around 11.4 V. After shutting down, TX2 won’t recover itself. I have to completely cycle the DC input.

Any thoughts how this can happen? and potential solutions?


Hi, do you have log info when this happen? What’s the temperature? You can use command “tegrastat” to show the power consumption and temperature of several parts of system.

Hi, this event happens way too fast for us to capture. But the temperature is around 50 C, and the power draw (average) is around 8 W. When this transient happens, it draws additional ~10 W.

No log info output? It is important to get info from log which might give hint on issue.

Hi Trumany,
Do you only need tegrastat output? or anything else?

The log info printed thru UART port.

Hi ye-sheng.kuo,

Have you clarified the cause and resolved the problem?
Any result can be shared?