Jetson TX2 Developer Kit Board switches off

Hi everyone,

I recently undusted my Jetson TX2 developer kit for a project I am working on. After flashing the module and installing all the libraries I needed, the board started to play funny games. Literally, after few seconds, it switches off by itself. I have checked the module with a separate board and both the TX2 and the meanwell power source work perfectly. It seems to be the board the one causing problems.

Has anyone had similar issues in the past?

I could see power supply being an issue, but if this is the dev kit with the supplied power supply, then I’ve never seen it cause this problem. What you should probably do is monitor “dmesg --follow” on serial console with logging enabled from boot to shutdown, and see what shows up. If nothing shows up, to then also monitor “tegrastats” on serial console. See:

After a reboot completes, but prior to a new reboot, you might also post the output from:
sudo cat /sys/kernel/pmc/tegra_reset_reason

The output from sudo cat /sys/kernel/pmc/tegra_reset_reason is:

This issue has been reported in the past. See thread:

A “TEGRA_SOFTWARE_RESET” would be for example issuing a command to “shutdown -r now” (reboot).

TEGRA_POWER_ON_RESET” would be an example of software complete shutdown, followed by powering up with the “on” button.

It seems like there is a software reboot command going on if the tegra_reset_reason is “TEGRA_SOFTWARE_RESET”. I could not tell you what software is doing this though.

You might check temperatures and amount of RAM used in a serial console. As soon as the system shuts down, the final temperature/RAM will be the moment before reboot. A command like “tegrastats” would do the job.