jetson tx2 read image from pc

Is it possible that jetson tx2 read image on pc(through ethernet line, window os) and classify the image on jetson and save the result in the pc?

Hi yujinseung,

I will suggestion to do the study from first to see if can gain some ideas for your use case.

Thank you kayccc

but the github you recommended is already studying. Can you tell me which part is related to PC communication? I think I need some time to study.

Hi yujinseung,

We’ve posted a bunch of handy resources and how-to guides from the community under the ‘Community Resources’ section found here:

Please check if can gain some ideas on your project.

Just a comment in the direction you are looking. I do not do Windows network programming and this would be quite different as to actual code for network programming on Linux, but I have no doubt that TCP programming is not too difficult on any platform if you have the development tools (which I do not have and so I don’t program on Windows).

TCP programming is basically assigning a port with a protocol, and giving some application permission to read or write from the socket. This isn’t far off from writing or reading from a file, except the setup to the source/sync differs. On top of this you might code some way to identify start and stop of image data. Some real time streaming protocols do this, e.g., RTSP, and might possibly be everything you need without any special code on the Jetson end (other than gstreamer being told how to find or send the stream). Not sure about the Windows side.