Please share some starting point for using IP camera at Jetson Tx2


I’d like to use IP camera at Jetson TX2 but have no idea on it.
Please let me know some starting points for beginner.

Thanks in advance,


Find out what software is used on a desktop PC. You will need the same thing in arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a architecture. If the source code is available, or if there is some standard application class, then you are in luck even if the manufacturer does not provide the 64-bit ARM version.

Networking already exists as a standard mechanism on Jetsons (and all Linux). So the issue is the software which utilizes the network to talk to the camera. One such issue is you need to know the address of the camera, or the camera needs to know the address of the Jetson. You can use “ifconfig” to see the address of the various network interfaces on the Jetson.

Thank you, it will be very helpful point to start.